4 Common Types of Outdoor Living Structures

Outdoor structures are a welcome addition to your exterior space and an extension of your home. They not only transform your patio or deck’s appearance, but also offer multiple uses in different seasons. If you’re unsure of which outdoor structure to choose, here are some common ones to consider. 


An arbor is similar to a pergola since it has a trellis or lattice design with two or four supporting beams. The distinguishing features are its arched top and lattice framework on the side. It is a small shelter with a seating area and an open frame where vines climb. Arbors can also be entries to gardens or paths.


This is a simple, wide-open outdoor structure usually supported by two or four pillars depending on whether it’s freestanding or attached to your home. It has a flat roof that can be partially or fully covered with screens, trellis, or lattice. For more embellishment, shade, and privacy, you can add sheer curtains or vines.


A gazebo is a tiny freestanding building that is normally turret or octagonal-shaped. It has a roof with open sides which can be screened to keep off bugs. This structure provides an attractive, wide view and is ideal for relaxation or entertainment. 

 Ramada or Pavilion

It bears great similarities to the pergola because it can either be detached or attached to a building.  This implies that it may have two or four columns. The difference is that it has a closed roof that offers protection from the elements such as wind, rain, or sunshine. Ramadas are commonly built near outdoor fireplaces or over outside kitchens.

 Build Your Outdoor Structure Today

These common outdoor living structures are ideal options to get started. Note that you are not limited to these four. You’re free to articulate exactly what you need and specify whether it’s attached or detached, with a solid or open roof. For more information and to make it happen, reach out to us.

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