A Fence Staining Tale

Is your fence ready for the hot Texas summer?

Let’s talk about 2 different homeowners and their fence staining projects …One is Bob, the other is George. I know, common names but hey, they are normal hardworking people just like you! So let’s talk about them for a minute.

Bob’s attempt to stain his fence:

Bob lives in Plano and has a nice home, nice yard, and an older (5+ years) fence. The stain on his fence is fading and the wood is at the beginning to show signs of splintering and washing out, especially where the sprinkler irrigation hits the wood fence.

Bob is a real go getter, according to himself, but seems to get himself in over his head on projects and just doesn’t seem to be able to finish in a weekend. He has good intentions but his wife would tell you it takes more than intentions to finish a job and make it look good. Much of his time is spent going to his local Plano Lowes and Home Depot getting supplies and whatever he forgot the first or second time there.

When he does get everything together it’s late in the day and he is exhausted from all the running around! So he finishes up late on Sunday, half in the dark, half with lights shining, and full on with the neighbors shaking their head.

A late Sunday turns into an early Monday and it’s gonna be another long week for poor ole’ Bob! But his fence is stained, the metal posts are stained (they shouldn’t be), the cars have a little overspray on them, and the dog somehow turned a different color. Somewhat like the color of his fence. It’s not pretty but it will do for a weekend warrior job!

George’s attempt to stain his fence:

This same weekend we check in on George. George lives in Frisco and he too had a busy weekend. He went to his daughter’s soccer game on Saturday morning, helped his wife clean out some clothes she wanted to donate, took the whole family out to have burgers and a movie that night, church Sunday morning, watched a ball game that afternoon after his “after church nap”, and finally grilled out Sunday night by the pool. Not too bad!

He too went to his local big-box hardware store but it was one trip to buy a storage unit for the closet and a nice new backyard umbrella to help shade the sun while the family sits outside enjoying their beautiful backyard. Part of what makes it so beautiful is his amazing looking new fence stain that really makes the yard pop! He has already gotten compliments from the neighbors and asking who did the great work! (many are envious, but that’s another story…)

See, a couple weeks before this weekend George called Starr Exteriors to get a free estimate on staining his fence, which happens to be the same 5+ years old as our friend Bob above. Ronnie Starr came out to Frisco to see George’s fence. After a few minutes, Ronnie gives George an estimate that is pretty close to what George was going to pay by the time he bought and rented all the supplies need to get the job done.

George’s results:

Ronnie and Starr Exteriors came out with their professional service techs who all dressed in Starr Exteriors shirts and Starr Exteriors trucks. They covered all the landscaping, other wood structures, and anything else that might get overspray. The job was done quickly, professionally, and looked awesome! The fence stain went onto the fence and not the poles, landscape, cars, not even the dog! All while George was at work in his comfortable air conditioned office!

So, why is this fence staining story important?

Several things:

  1. Staining a fence is not a quick do-it-yourself job unless you already have all the equipment and know what you are doing.
  2. By the time you rent and buy everything needed you aren’t saving much money BUT you are spending all the time buying, renting, prepping, staining, cleaning, and returning rented items. If time is valuable to you this is important!
  3. How much better is the job going to be by a group of professionals than someone who has only stained a fence once, or most likely never, done the job?
  4. A well stained fence is an investment in the life of your fence. A new isn’t cheap so why be cheap in making it look nice and to get more life out of it. Have the job done right the first time, every time, and you then get to enjoy its beauty for years more!
  5. Bob was busy all weekend and missed out on games, dinners, movies, and naps among other things. His frustration at that darned rented sprayer, covered in satin all from head to toe – even going to the office Monday with stain in his hair (his co-workers had fun with that!), and his upset wife because he wasn’t around to be a part of the family really made him re-think was it all worth it?

Keep all these in mind when you decide on getting your fence stained.

We work cities all over North Texas – Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Lucas, Wylie, Sachse, Dallas, Carrollton, Lewisville, Farmers Branch, Little Elm, Prosper, Garland, Rockwall, Murphy, Celina, Anna, Melissa, Van Alstyne, Princeton, Farmersville, Richardson, and so many others!

To have your fence staining completed right the first time by professionals who stain fences day after day after day, call Ronnie Starr today at 469-682-2100 for your free no-obligation quote! Or go to https://starrexteriors.com/ and click the orange “Get a Free Estimate “ box in the upper right corner of the home page. Fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP!

Be like George and not another Bob! You will be so glad you did!


  • PS: One last thing…do you really think poor ole’ Bob got a request approval from his HOA before he started his weekend fence stain project???  Maybe your HOA isn’t particular, BUT most likely they are!


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